DIY Roof Replacement vs Hiring a Professional

When trying to fix your roof, it can be tempting to tackle the entire project by yourself if you’ve got some do it yourself skills and some friends to help. While it’s true that you can save a lot of time and money by doing some DIY roof repairs, there are times when DIY will suffice and times when it’s a much better option to hire a professional to be sure the job is done correctly. 

Knowing when you can handle the job and when it’s time to bring in the big guns is the difference between saving yourself some money and wasting time and energy on a job that won’t do the trick. We’ll break down some of the things to consider so that you know when it’s ok to do it yourself, and when it’s time to pay a professional. 


DIY Roof Replacement That’s OK to Tackle 


Before you visit the local hardware store and get all geared up for a full roof replacement, try to remember that replacing your entire roof is a big job that takes lots of tools, equipment and expertise. Not to mention loads of time and materials. Depending on how large and complex your roof is, trying to replace it yourself is a massive task. 

Instead, if you’re looking to maintain your roof, try to focus on things you can do by yourself or with a few materials and a couple friends. One of the best things you can do yourself to keep your roof in good shape is to thoroughly clean it. We’re not just talking about sweeping some leaves, we mean getting up there and cleaning off debris and gunk that builds up thanks to the elements. This helps to prevent wear and the buildup of moisture, mold, and other damage, plus you can keep critters from nesting on your roof. 

Caulking up ventilation and chimney spots is also a fairly safe job that you can handle yourself. As long as you know the proper technique and materials to use, you can keep the seal around your chimney and venting in good shape and prevent leaks at the same time. This will save you money and prolong the life of your roof. 

Spot replacement of shingles is also ok to do yourself. That is, so long as you can reach the spots safely and the job isn’t too big. Being up on your roof isn’t exactly the safest job out there and trying to shingle your roof in an awkward spot and without the proper gear is better left to the professionals. 


When It’s Time to Hire a Professional 


While these simple fixes are great to do on your own and they can save you a lot of money in the process, there comes a point where it’s better to pay a professional to get the job done efficiently and correctly, even if you think you can handle it yourself, unless you are a roofer, you’ll likely find it’s more than you bargained for. 

If you require a full roof replacement, then you need to hire a professional. Fixing a few loose shingles yourself is fine, but you need the tools and experience that a professional brings to the table when it comes to the whole roof. 

You also want to hire a professional to fix trouble spots and to inspect your sub-roof if you’ve experienced storm damage, tree limb damage, or other hazards. Standing water and other problems will necessitate a proper fix and not just patching a few shingles. In some cases, new wood will need to be put in and then an entirely new section of roof put in, even if the entire roof doesn’t need to be replaced. 

If it looks like a roof replacement is necessary, you want a professional on board so that it’s done right and so that you can handle the insurance claim properly. You might save money doing it yourself, but if done wrong, you’ll be back in the same shape you were in before, and getting a claim approved by insurance is much more difficult. 


Final Thoughts 


The critical point here is only to tackle DIY projects that are within the scope of your abilities. Once the task gets too big, it’s time to call a professional and get the job done right.