Handyman Home Improvements That Can Increase the Value of Your Home
Most homeowners think that the only way to add value to their home is by paying for massive renovations and additions that require contractors and months of work, all while making their home unlivable in the process. 

The truth is, there are several improvements that can be made just with the services of a handyman that can increase the value of your home without the need for a renovation. This will offer a greater return on your investment in less time and with less upfront capital than renovations. 

To help you get the most out of your home, we’ve put together this post to show you some excellent home improvement options that your standard handyman can do. 


Add Extra Space With a Wooden Deck 


This is a great way to add extra space to your home. Most handymen can handle basic carpentry, and a wood deck gives you outdoor space to use for enjoyment. It won’t cost near as much as an addition to your home, and you can still get the benefits of the space. 

You can add a deck onto the front or back of your home to create a lovely attractive porch. You can build a large deck for outdoor gatherings or even add a deck to the second story to give the upstairs a great view and more room. 

There’s the added benefit of curb appeal, which can be a selling feature in and of itself if you choose to sell your home. This, along with the increase in actual value of your home, makes it the perfect addition without spending a lot of time or money on improvements. 


Landscaping Improves Value and Curb Appeal


The easiest way to improve the value of your home is with a little bit of landscaping. Something as simple as reseeding your lawn can make your home look better, and improve the value. Minor landscaping is also inexpensive, and a handyman can do most tasks without the need for massive crews and landscaping budgets. 

Some new grass, a few plants on the porch or along a walkway, or a bed of flowers improves curb appeal dramatically and can improve the value and the chances of a sale if you’re in the market to sell your home. The added benefit is that it will make your home stand out from your neighbors and may improve property value further by incentivizing your neighbors to make similar improvements. 

Other minor improvements can help as well, add lighting to the front door to improve safety and accessibility while also adding value. Replacing the garage door can improve the look of your home and add value for the upgrade. Mounting lighting or a garage door is something that nearly any handyman can do easily. 


Upgrade Your Insulation 


If it’s been a while since you’ve checked your attic or the insulation in your walls, then having your handyman do a quick inspection is a good idea. From there, you can replace any missing or damaged spots. This will improve the energy efficiency of your home and improve the value at the same time. 

If your home is missing insulation, you can install standard foam insulation, and it will improve the temperature and control of the environment of your home dramatically. This is also a great improvement for when trying to sell your home. Buyers will appreciate the added value of new insulation. You can also prevent issues from occurring by keeping tabs on your insulation and updating it as necessary. In the long run, routine checks and replacements are less expensive and require less work than a full insulation job because you didn’t have it inspected. 


Final Thoughts 


These simple solutions that any handyman can perform is the perfect way to add loads of value to your home without making a drastic impact on your lifestyle or your budget. That way, you can continue to use and enjoy your home while getting more value out of your investment.