London-nature-photographer-12.jpgBeautiful pale green pattern made by Cycas revoluta King Sago Palm - Cycadaceae - Cycas revoluta, JapanOrange flowers of Day lily or daylily - American mixWhite pink and yellow pair of flowers closeup of Water lily - NymphaeaWhite and violet flowers close up of Ranunculaceae - Clematis Venosa ViolaceaFlower arrangement of pink red daylily or day lily - Sorbone - lilaceae - liliumFlower arrangement of white pink daylily or day lily - Peace Full - lilaceae - liliumFlower arrangement of white pink rosesBee on Flat sea holly - Apiaceae - Eryngium planum, Europe, AsiaYellow flower of Moss rose with water drops - Portulacaceae - Portulaca grandiflora, Europe, Argentina, BrasiLondon-nature-photographer-3.jpgLondon-nature-photographer-4.jpgLondon-nature-photographer-40.jpgLondon-nature-photographer-41.jpgLondon-nature-photographer-42.jpgLondon-nature-photographer-6.jpgLondon-nature-photographer-7.jpg